I don't get why EVERYONE says Sarah Burton has proven herself a worthy successor to Alexander McQueen. If all the Beatles had died in the 60s would everyone have been like, "well thank god the Monkees are awesome enough to take their place". It's sacrilege!

I subscribe to Google alerts so anytime my name comes up on-line I get an e-mail with the title of the article that I (or pillow shams) have appeared in. Over the past few days I've received hundreds of these: Joe Zee Warns Leila Shams Not to Confuse 'Sexy' with 'Slutty". Tons of people have re-posted this fascinating article, each time tacking on something like "I love Joe Zee!!!!!" Really friend, 5 exclamation points? It gets re-posted until another lil article takes the web by storm. I know that people are trying to drive traffic to their sites or whatever but it just starts to feel like everyone involved in our industry has the same exact opinion. I get it, we're not rocket scientists, we don't have to discuss (insert something smart here) but can we at least have an intelligent conversation about fashion? It feels like our only options are seeing the same blurbs over and over or marveling at what new ways some 20 year old blogger is styling her cut offs. How bout if every fashion enthusiast expresses some kind of interesting thought today. I'll go first.

Eh I got nothin. But here's Sarah's shitty pre-Fall line in the meantime. Are those bolo ties around their waists? Dear god Lee what have they done?

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