Sheri hit Rene's shop first.  Rene's advantages: he had done the style before and it had come out well. He also had 3 tailors vs Omar's one man show.  But the disadvantage was that Rene did not speak English and this had led to some unexpected results in the past.  He always says, "check it out" instead of "look" when he's showing you something which I now know is a trick to make you think he's familiar with the language by using slang.  Check it out R.E.N.E, we're off to Omar's.

Omar is the Karl Lagerfeld of the Lower East Side.  If you go into any shop carrying something that's not a suit (i.e. trash bag of neon pink mongolian fur) all the guys say "take it to Omar".  He once made me 7 dresses in one day and lemme tell ya I don't arrive til noon.  And he don't work past 6.  Some had patterns, some didn't.  Whatevs he says.  But he too has his disadvantages - disappearing being the main one.  "What do you mean he's working at the phone company now?!!!" I was once forced to exclaim.  "IT'S FASHION WEEK!!!!" Thank God he resurfaced a days later at Nelson.

Omar was quoting some outrageously high prices for the (32 piece) jackets.  We were barely hitting mark-up at this point adding up raw materials alone.  Sheri might have been new to the job but she is a life long hustler so back to Rene's she headed to get a better deal.  Omar insisted he send someone to help her carry all the leather.  

Mr. Carry All, it turns out, was a spy.  Once he heard that Rene wanted to charge even more than Omar he reported back and we suddenly became the victim of LES price fixing.  

We ended up splitting the jackets evenly amongst the two.  Before we left Omar that night he threw a zip lock bag of lipsticks on top of the giant pile of leather.  We examined it suspiciously.  Apparently Omar was also an Avon lady.  We encouraged him to further develop his sales pitch as Sheri sold him her old pay-as-you-go phone (she switched to Boost Mobile.)  It was time to head home.

A week or so later the jackets were looking great and it was time to face the real challenge - getting the hardware put on.  Why would getting a few snaps and studs on each jacket be so difficult?  Well it's not as long as you follow a few simple rules:

"By my watch it's 3:59!  C'mon Nancy!"

Now they're almost done!  Just a few hundred hand washes and tumble dries and voila!  The most gorgeous leather jackets you've ever seen.  Absolutely perfect for pumping gas in thigh highs.  And now they're available in black!  Buy them here and if you've got beef with the price you know who to take it up with.  Sheri.

Below: Kim Kardashian in the Beaten Moto Jacket, Swamp.


  1. BRAVO.......LOL with the jackets...sure they will sell well. Kim K. wouldn't wear them if they weren't the bees knees. I am now off to read the other blogger to the right of your page. Seems she makes her own tampons and I NEED to hear that sordid story.

  2. Yay, you moved to Blogger! So much easier to follow your blog here via Google Reader.

    Will you be selling the croc maxi skirt on your site, too? I'm scared the dress is going to dwarf me, and I've gotta have that print for SS11.

  3. unfortunately i sold the skirt! the only one! but i've got some left over croc print - imma make something kinda normal - stay tuned!

  4. Hey, that's Nancy from Steinloff's!!!

  5. I would like to buy the moto jacket in beige.please tell me where i can find it