Proenza Schouler has been complaining that Target knocked off their PS1 bag.  The bags are similar but certainly not exact copies and the PS1 bag isn't exactly a major handbag innovation.  Here are the two - the PS1 is on the left.

The designers told the NY Times, “why save up and buy ours when you can buy theirs right away?”  The bag is $1995.  They have an excellent point - I know there are countless fashionistas flaunting their $35 plastic Target bag in their friend's faces.  "Haha I paid $1960 less than you!"  

Actually that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.  There is absolutely no cross over in customers.  Proenza were particularly horrified that Target sells their clothes and is pulling this kind of stunt.  What?  They kind of knock you off and give you tons and money and press by producing your accessibly priced fashion line and selling it in thousands of stores?!!  The nerve!

Personally I am against copyright laws in fashion.  Everyone borrows from everyone - not just in fashion, in EVERYTHING.  I agree with the current laws in place that prohibit companies from knocking off trademarks or artwork but think it should stop there.  It is up to designers to have a singular point of view and continuously come up with fresh ideas to stay relevant in a fast fashion world.  

If Christian Louboutin only did basic black shoes with red soles counterfeiting would have put him out of business.  But he does something gorgeously unexpected each season that keeps the brand desirable.  It's Proenza's originality and hyper creative runway looks that sell their PS1 bag and there's no way Target could ever take their hand painted velvet drop crotch trousers away from them.


  1. For me a knockoff is any of the logo-driven merch (da louis stuff) or "actual fakes"...but I agree with Ms. Sham-aroo. I don't think any1 is confusing these bags. If this was all true, and on the money, OPR would be in counterfieting biz.

  2. Great article. You can write too? What a renaissance woman you are, Leila Shams!