a week ago i broke out in a disfiguring bout of adult acne the likes of which i had never seen. on anyone. years ago i had been prescribed a creme for a little eczema on my arm and had taken to moisturizing my face with it. turns out it's been thinning my skin ever since and it's a miracle i didn't get stretch marks ON MY FACE. now my skin is addicted and acting out but slowly recovering. luckily i work from home (still had to endure my housekeeper exclaiming "what happened to your face you look like 16 year old so many pimples!!!!). it's been traumatizing but i've learned some valuable lessons:

1. don't be down on your looks cause you could look so much worse
2. use only as directed
3. you can get addicted to anything
4. see a dermatologist regularly - purely out of vanity. think of it as make-up shopping, not seeing a doctor
5. clean your own house

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