Ah I read the two entries below and I think, who is that person, head full o dreams? This season has been a roller coaster so far, but not a normal roller coaster ride where you land safe and sound, no the very rare ride where someone dies or Fabio gets hit by a goose ( The MTV thing never aired, the collection did not sell very well in the new showroom, and the first lookbook was too dark so I had to re-shoot it, a big expense and general pain in the ass.

OMG we interrupt this bitch session to report that I just got a call about an amazing freelance job that would be perfect for me! Interview tomorrow! I should also say the on-line store is finally up and sales have been great! I was considering shutting down the line for a moment there but if on-line sales continue to be strong I can stay open. So please buy!

I close this post with some behind the scenes photos of the second lookbook shoot taken by my new assistant Sheri Barclay with my new camera courtesy of my bf Brent. Anyone who follows my blog closely knows we broke up. Anyone that follows me closely knows we got back together.

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

Talking to Kristin who did amazing PR for DKNY Jeans and has been helping me. She convinced me to re-shoot the book and I'm so glad she did. And the hair was her idea and I love it. I believe she just told me "maybe next season you shouldn't do your presentation in a dark basement where no one can take photos." My reaction - shock, confusion, extreme nose flare.

"Neon dress, giant belt, fur vest, it's all so understated. Could I fashion this purple fur into some sort of hat?" The most disturbing thing about this pic is that I am standing right next to her. This is our actual height difference.

I thought Sheri took these photos but this picture tells another tale. Sheri getting her make-up done. We're in the apartment of my neighbor and photographer extraordinaire Howard Huang. If you want to look up his work make sure you have your safe filter on.

The first item on the rack is an amazing jacket designed by my BFF Jenn Stewart. She also designed the "Perfect Coat" as it's titled in the lookbook. It looks amazing on everyone. Deshawn, the make-up artist on the shoot almost knocked the model out and took off with it.

One of my favorite looks/poses/cupboards from the shoot.

Hot fur on fur action.

Gratuitous hot model shot. I paid good money for her I'll use all the pics I got.

This outfit didn't make the cut. It's just not pink enough.

Almost photographed something without fur. Close call.

Some girls from the casting. See how the "Lucky Penny" dress fits a large variety of (size zero) girls. The second girl, Georgia from Ikon, is absolutely stunning and only 15. I think she could be the next Selena Gomez. We went with Nadya from Fenton Moon, she's forth.

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