Isn't it so nice and bright? I love it!

This Friday we did a fashion show to benefit the Red Cross. Hair and make-up was by the Tokyo Beauty School in Japan (TAHB*). The stylists all had Japanese flags painted on their faces - I can't imagine what they're going through - but that did not dampen their amazing Tokyo style. They went BANANAS on the hair. It was lots of fun although the turn out was a little lame. Not easy to get people to midtown on a Friday night, at least people I know, but I hope I can do similar types of events in the future. Thanks so much to Brian, Amiko, and Sheri for all your help. And now some photos, compliments of Sheri.

Stylists and make-up artists doin their thing. Almost all the models had some thing in their hair - ribbons, pom poms, feathers, flowers, surprisingly sharp porcupine needles...

This model's hair got increasingly wild as the evening went on. Eventually it became a bright yellow flame type of shape which came to a point about 8" above her face. There were no mirrors so I tried to describe to her what it looked like, watching her face look increasingly concerned.
You can kind of see the yellow in this shot - she's on the left. I really like the hair on the right as well.
Ah yes here she is in full yellow flaming glory.

A typical scene at Leila Shams LLC. I prefer that people that who work for me do so on the floor while I stand above them in a fur coat. Sometimes when you're small with a really high pitched voice it's hard to keep people in their place. This does the trick. If you don't have a fur coat a pinky ring and/or fan has a similar effect.

This was another really over the top hair-do. At first I was like, "what outfit is going to go with that?" Then I realized every outfit went with it, it was magical. The crazy thing is I put her in a look and she was like, "I wore this at your presentation". I didn't even recognize her!

One word: GLAMOR. With Michael James who organized the show.

Fashion is like pizza. Even when it's bad it's good.

Begging people to come.


The view from the DJ booth.

When I get the video I'll post it!

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