last night i was looking for pictures of isaac mizrahi's fall 1994 collection, the one that was documented in the movie "unzipped". it's the only remotely good thing i can ever recall him doing; my favorite looks were the ball gown skirts with wife beaters and fur chubbies. i'm feeling super casual with super dressy so wanted to revisit. the show is actually pretty hideous but i can see why i liked it - it's super bright, sparkly, and over the top and in the 90s that was not the norm. here's some terrible stills:

anyway i found my way onto isaac's wikipedia page and realized my distaste for the man is universally felt. wikipedia didn't even mention "unzipped", instead they focused on what a prick he is. i particularly enjoyed this tidbit: Mizrahi was an interviewer for The Red Carpet Show on E! for the Golden Globes in 2006. He took liberties with many female actresses, including looking down Teri Hatcher's dress, and feeling Scarlett Johansson's breast, over which she later expressed discomfort.[11] He drew attention to Hilary Swank about being single given that she recently separated from her husband, Chad Lowe. He also asked many celebrities whether they were wearing underwear.

a little more research yielded this gem, a quote from tim gunn who worked with mizrahi at liz claiborne: I was going to visit the Liz Claiborne showroom, with [company chairman] Bill McComb to see Isaac’s new collection. And all of a sudden, an arm comes down and blocks me. It was the security guard. ‘You’re not permitted here,’ he said. And Bill was going crazy: ‘What are you talking about? This is my company!’ And the security guard said, ‘I have explicit orders not to let you in.’

as much as i loved "project runway" i found "the fashion show" with mizrahi unwatchable and i can't even stomach the commercials for the new fashion show with iman. what made project runway so great was that the cliche fashion bitchiness was countered with the caring gunn, quirky heidi, and genuinely funny michael kors.

fashion as icy and untouchable seems hopelessly outdated to me. people want cruelty free, green, plus size, inexpensive. one of the most famous fashion writers right now is a 14 year old feminist geek. mind blowing! but tavi is so smart and has such a unique point of view. to me that's what the new age of fashion should be about - real talent and original thinking - not some washed up bitch hawking crap on qvc.

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