I was thinking since there's no end in sight to my single status might as well do something men will hate. Should I put on a few pounds? How about cut bangs? Heavy lipstick? Armpit hair? Maxi dresses every day? Maxi pads every day? Well I've decided on the below. What do you guys think? And by guys I mean girls. Lauren Conrad says the first photo is of her but I can't find any photos that actually show her face with the hair making that claim the most boring prank of all time. Man she got us good! Rainbow hair?!!! Hahahaha of course not! Oh that Lauren! Just when you think she's boring she goes and pulls a stunt like this!


  1. Okay do it! Everything looks good on you - even armpit hair, even maxi-pads - so I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

  2. Try shor hair, that worked for me.

  3. Hy Leila!!
    I absolutely LOVE all ur creations and ur blog! I think u have a really grat taste in fashion, today is so difficult to find a fashion designer like u! u're a genius! <3

    i just started following u! :)

  4. Bangs are a sure fire way to piss off a guy, in my experience.

  5. yo hold up, do thee dudes really hate on some blunt bang shaginess??

    i haven't had them for a year or two but may chop chop on tuesday

    what do they know!?

    so happy when i saw your shop is open again.... is alot of ACID sold out already or are you adding a bit at a time????

  6. I thought "just the tip" was something guys pranked girls with. Live and learn. Rock dem locks all Stevie Nicks style and then rainbow them shits up. I like it.