My friend Jenn always says I should put my prints on home stuff so I decided to try a few mock-ups.

I call this guy the "Head Bed" because he features 10 animal heads and because he's first. I gotta say when I draped the sheer croc print over the black sequin pillow and a lil sparkle peaked through, I says to myself, "that Jenn is a mother fucking genius".

Don't like to sleep alone? Well then this set is for you. Hug, chat, or practice making out with your new topless friend. Don't worry, her companions aren't children, they're flying dwarfs.

If I had a nickel for every time a drag queen on LSD told me her bedding didn't reflect the real her. I might not have seemed like I was listening, but I was.

Bedroom eyes are pink and light sensitive for this crew. Albino crocodiles doing what they do best: lulling you to sleep. Is it my imagination or is the bottom one looking right at me? I'm coming to bed, relax. They really care, that's what's so great about them.


  1. I'll take the kitty kat kushion.....some of those prints upholstered onto some beautiful sitting armchairs would seriously rock. like, it! (I'm so jealous of you!)

  2. Do you have anything that would fit a real bed instead of that side table with cushions? I have a large round waterbed that spins...hahah
    Brett..str8 up pimpin

  3. love the color,

  4. little to 90's though

  5. Love the pillows, esp. That albino croc is amazing!

  6. gack! thrilled at first til i saw the lil alligators or crocodiles or whatever the hell! yikes! love the other though!

  7. HOLY SHEEEEEEEEEET! i just had a baby freak out!

    i loved the albino dress.... and still kind of need it in my life...

    but then i see this(!!!!!!!!!!)

    i can't tell you enough how refreshing your approach, patterns and prints are to me - i love it.

    taco truck approved and loyal.

    and can i tell you the self portrait laftan ;] was amazing!!! color choices on point gurrrlll

    are you based in nyc? i'm coming up tomm until sunday and would love love to come by a showroom, sham stocked place if i could!

    i make earrings and have a pair that just might need to be owned by you ;]

  8. come by any time! email me i'm in brooklyn