Keith Pollock is the editorial director of and was Joe Zee's sounding board on All on the Line. He's super funny and refreshingly frank. When, a site that covers the homes of the creative elite, did a feature on him they included this pic:

About it he said "I brought my favorite Prada suit on a recent business trip to Hong Kong, and found a tailor to copy it in three different fabrics (he even added embroidered name tags). Don’t hate me Miuccia."

Saying and showing you had knock offs made on the Coveteur is like going on Facebook, uploading a pic of an empty bottle of KY and titling it "i need a hobby". Shockingly honest.

Here's another charming Keith Pollock quote, from a piece about Elle staffers' summer plans. "I've been building furniture... I just moved into a new apartment and as much as I'd love for my place to resemble the BDDW showroom, I'm working with a budget. It’s nice to be able to customize and build to your spaces specifications, but it's really about the budget. I'm excited to see a table full of guests sit down at my lopsided table."

The other people's responses? Museum hopping, feeding the hungry, editing a book of Kodachrome slides from the 40s and 50s. Leave it to Keith to mention being on a budget, twice. I think you're getting the idea.

So I'm watching the All on the Line finale and I realize that my love is not one sided. What was that Keith, you really like my prints? How much tweeking does my line need? Just a little you say? Yes, YES! Breathlessly I hit Twitter.

ONE of his favorites?!! Perhaps this gift could put me at the top. A photo print takes weeks to make but I could do a painting! Let's get too work, it's Wednesday night and we want him to be sporting a Leila kaftan (laftan?) this weekend.

I pinned some pale sea-foam silk chiffon to a giant board and started painting with watered down acrylic. I decided, naturally, to use an aquatic color scheme.  

She started shedding diagonal tears almost immediately. Get ahold of yourself! He's just a man!

Way too wet (that's what she said).

Amiko, my assistant who can do everything I can't do in addition to everything I can, came over the next morning. I peeled the fabric off the board and she got to work a cuttin and a sewin.

Amiko taking the finished product for a spin.

Me standing next to the board that was underneath.

Where have I seen this style before?

Back view with paint magically outlining my buttocks.

We wrapped her up and overnighted to the Elle offices. I know Keith received it because he posted this Twitpic from his vacation today. Mission accomplished! 


  1. I laffed..I cried........I also became terrified at how talented you are. Wow. THe clips you add for comedic affect.....just genius.

  2. geezus christ you're talented! the dress and the board you put behind it are so pretty!

  3. I didnt know acrylic stayed on fabric! you're an amazing artist, wow!

  4. Lol...excellent! The print is amazing