RUNWAY OF THE DAY: CHRISTOPHER KANE came all over itself while reviewing Christopher Kane's Spring 2012 collection. "The models on Christopher Kane's catwalk today were such a devastatingly lovely confluence of clothes, hair, makeup, and genetic benediction that you could only crave illumination as to how it all had come together." This is gonna be good I says to myself! Usually when it comes to CK the second I am like your annoying friend that only likes a band's "early stuff". I thought his first collection, Spring 2007, was mind blowing. Unbelievably creative and unapologetically tacky. Neon, short, tight, frilly, seatbelty.

Every season Kane does something completely different - the only real thread that holds his work together, and I say this out of respect, is tackiness. Take the Spring 2009 "Planet of the Apes" collection.

Rihanna wore a basic version of the last dress that didn't appear on the runway. Guess she wasn't into the "my clothes have chicken pox" look. After she wore it Kane developed a reputation for doing photo animal prints. The reality is he never really does them. There is another designer that does awesome ones every single season. ME. I'm the fuckin photo animal designer. LEILA SHAMS.

So I love CK II, I really do, but lately he's committed a couple of unforgivable sins. First, he kinda knocked off Jonathan Saunders' signature look in his Resort 2012 collection (Kane is on the left, Saunders is on the right)

Then he used flip flops in his last runway show. Or as called them, pool sandals. From the review:

"Yes, pool sandals, the flat footwear called into play when Kane decided to make everything shorter. They helped ensure that the attitude of the clothes was energized and, in some skewed way, real. They also underscored the fact that Kane is an utterly original talent, a maverick mind who finds beauty where others don't even begin to look."

There are a lot of things this type of footwear brings to mind: unsanitary public showers, slovenly college students, men I don't want to have sex with. "Maverick mind" not so much.


  1. As for the flip flops, I bet your dad would like them. I heard they came for a visit. I haven't talked to your mom yet to find out if she did any fantastic sewing. I saw in last month's Bazaar that some big time crazy designer put a black cat face on a clutch...without giving you a nod of thanks. Kathy Haerian

  2. yeah gurl i could not agree more.

    how can i look at this goofy shit when my eyes have seen those stretch lace like cut-out knits in blacks and reds!?!?

    CAN'T WAIT for updated store hurrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  3. Love CK's Spring 2007 too. Thanks for the follow!